Reduce CO2 emissions


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The main benefits of renewable technologies are both environmental and financial savings. Installing a heat pump and/or solar thermal collectors will achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint of the property and savings on the amount of energy used and, therefore, money.




Heat pump benefits

'Free energy' – up to 4 units of output energy for every unit input. Proven and reliable technology with 25-year life expectancy. Provide all underfloor heating and domestic hot water requirements. Little, or no, ongoing maintenance. No local carbon emissions. Grants – RHI a new Government scheme introduced to help off-set the cost of installing renewable heating systems – terms do apply.


Solar benefits

Energy-efficient renewable technology – helps to protect the environment. Produces up to 60% of a household's hot water requirements. Suitable for new and existing homes. Simple, reliable technology. Low-cost investment. Quick and easy to install. Suitable for both domestic hot water and underfloor heating.